Our Story

Slice Pizza & Bread Bar - How it all began...

It all began with a passion for great food and a need to break free from huge, mean restaurant chains!

I wanted to create great honest food, made with my own hands, fresh and from scratch every day.

Pizza seemed the perfect food. I’ve been working with them for years and have eaten a good few as well! Everyone loves a nice slice of pizza.

The Italians cottoned on to the fact years ago that people don’t always want a whole pizza and sometimes want to grab something when they are on the move. This is how pizza al taglio or ‘pizza by the cut’ came about.

Eager to learn the ancient craft of pizza al taglio, I travelled to Rome to train with master Pizzaiolo Emiliano Baldini who taught me his craft and a few of his secrets on the way! He even said that if I ever opened a shop in Italy he would chop our bits off!

I am excited to bring you wholesome, tasty food to the Northern Quarter day and night.

My pizza is made with skill and care and served with passion and pride! Enjoy!